Read some great stories and help charity!

Although this is a lazy blog post (from my perspective as I’ve just ‘borrowed’ it) – its helps me remember ONE of the reasons I keep pressing on the keys of my computer ….


As you know, I have been interviewing some of the authors from the short story group, but did you know that all proceeds from the anthologies goes to charity? Yep, it’s true.

The authors gave their time and shared short stories to help raise money for various charities.

The proceeds from Love is in the Air goes to help Diabetes UK.

newfront Jul13      LIITA3

Have you or someone you know ever been diagnosed with diabetes? My mom and my brother had diabetes and one of my older sisters has it. I recently lost a dear internet friend to complications of this awful disease. He had lost circulation in his feet and had to have some toes amputated and the doctors were hopeful, but gangrene had spread so he was admitted back into the hospital, but before they could do more surgery he had a heart attack. I miss his daily…

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  1. Thanks James and the only blog posts that are lazy, are the ones we don’t post. 🙂

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