Online course

I’m not sure that I haven’t just fallen for ‘magic beans’ but one of those ‘daily deal’ websites offered an online writing course (with a proper certificate and everything) for £12 – a saving of 95% (apparently)

Having spent more than this on a couple of author workshops – which to be honest didn’t offer the ‘support’ that the blurb promised – I decided to give this a go.

Naturally I will keep you informed of any words of wisdom that crop up. Do you have any experience of these sorts of courses? Do you have any ‘formal’ qualifications when it comes to your writing? Have I just wasted £12 and however many hours of my life it will take to complete this 12 module course?

I will let you know …..


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One response to “Online course

  1. gelakel

    Oh sounds interesting! Not done one my self, so yes, keep us posted. £12 seems pretty good for an experiment 😉 Best of luck.

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