Confession time

Eagle eyed readers will no doubt have noticed that it has been nearly TWO months since my last post.  Now I can make the usual excuses (OK some more usual than others): I was busy training for the Norse Challenge; parental responsibilities; work commitments. But it is time to actually face up to the reality of the situation.

I had a difficult scene to write, which I did. BUT then it dawned on me that I then only had a single chapter left to write until I had completed the first part of the story. I had always planned on allowing other people access to the story after the first part was written. This would allow me to a) seek reassurance that it was not all rubbish and b) get answers to some questions: Are the characters well developed? Any clashes in plot development? What questions need answering in the later parts of the story? The list could go on and on.I froze at that point.  I had invested many hours in the first 60 pages of the story (I know that some of you will be laughing at the thought of ONLY 60 pages) and suddenly the end was in sight. So I allowed myself to be distracted, which obviously meant that when people asked ‘how it was going,’ I was able to honestly say that I had been so busy, but it was nearly finished, just a little while longer.

I know that I am not the first and I will certainly not be the last person to experience self doubt, it’s part of the territory. But I am happy to say that I am now well into the second part of the story and am able to confess to my insecurities.  Needless to say, the first part is just the first draft (with the odd bit of editing as I went along) but I would be delighted if anyone who reads this would like to take a look and give me the benefit of their experience.


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