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Word games

As a writer and teacher (but primarily as a parent) I cannot deny the importance of basic numeracy and literacy. To this end my wife and I play a lot of word games with our youngest son (5 at the time of writing) to help develop his vocabulary, spelling and reading.

Animal Alphabet is one of the favourites (especially after our visit to Chester Zoo over the Easter break as it was getting a little boring), but I have to report that my son has taken ‘eye spy’ to olympic levels.

What started as ‘Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with C’, ‘Car’ etc has taken a more competitive turn with my youngest using C for the corner we had just driven around etc etc. Whilst I am delighted with the development of his vocab and the opportunity to be able to discuss spelling (he used f for phone box – so we had a conversation about the phonics of ph), it is making the game a little more poetic (‘something beginning with S and D’ – sunny day or ‘b and s’ – blue sky)

However nothing could have prepared me for what happened yesterday.

‘Do you want to play eye spy Dad? You start.’

‘Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with….’ as I thought for a moment (and drove the car out of our road).

‘I bet it’s B for basket ball hoop’ he said smugly.

I don’t even need to say the letters! I mentally changed it to ‘L and S’ for ‘little….’


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Coping with loss

Once again I find myself make sorry excuses for not blogging – although since the time has been spent with my family and getting the first draft of my story finished then something had to give (OK it could have been the xbox, but a mans got to do etc!)

Anyway, I find myself with a problem and I am turning to you good people to offer advice and guidance.

There is a somber atmosphere hanging over me at the moment as I now know that I need to kill someone – quickly adding (before internet security type things have police knocking on my door!) that this person only exists in the pages of my book.

The person to be killed is not a major character, so it isn’t as if I know them as well as others, but their death will affect characters I am closer to and I don’t want them to be resentful of me. This character is also not a ‘baddy’ (as my youngest would put it) so their death is a decision I have made to develop the plot – not something that the laws of fiction say must happen. Plus, and this is just a minor point, I haven’t actually ever killed someone before so this level of planning is somewhat unnerving.

So dear reader, any words of advice (or encouragement if you’re that way inclined) – guess this post is just a delaying tactic.

OK the kettle has boiled, there is death to be dealt….


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