The joy of writing

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog lately. I would love to say that it is due to a busy writing schedule, but the reality is more about laziness and ‘real job’ commitments.

Anyway, today my real job has given me a writing experience like no other – actually seeing the effect of my words on a reader.

In short a colleague of mine was struggling to put together a summary document which highlighted the positive impact an educational visit she had been involved with had on her students. She asked for my help because she recognised that I was ‘good with words’ (she doesn’t know I write for fun).

Over lunch time, I knocked up a side of A4 and emailed it to her – thought nothing of it, until she knocked on my door with a tear in her eye. She was delighted with the work and has only just left having said thank you more times than you can wave a stick at.

Many people have read my short stories (OK have bought the books whether they have read them is a different matter!) but this was a first for me.



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6 responses to “The joy of writing

  1. gelakel

    What a lovely account, James! Nice to be appreciated 🙂

  2. Wow that is brilliant, it is the best thing ever as a writer to know that your words have touched someone else and helped them. I have a feeling you will have gained a new reader for your books too.
    I’m really looking forward to being a guest on your fabulous site on Monday, yay!
    Charlie x

  3. Sometimes we forget that wwe can ‘write’ and others struggle (OK they can do stuff we can’t). Well done you!! It’s always good to help out. And it shows how easy it is for a ‘writer’.

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