My first blog post

Hello and welcome to my writing blog.

I have to be honest that, whilst a number of themes to blog (rant) about have come to me whilst I have been setting up this blog, I haven’t really given much thought to the contents of this first post – so apologies.

I have been inspired by a number of blogs since becoming ‘serious’ about my writing and it is my hope that I will be able to inspire/assist others during my writing adventure – failing that it gives me somewhere to vent my spleen.

I have read guides and spoken to a number of people about blogging the the ‘rules’ sound overly complicated so I’m just going to see what happens.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey with me.



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6 responses to “My first blog post

  1. Well done!!! Blogs are a REALLY good thing for a writer (well for anyone) to put their work out in the public domain. As for content etc – you find that evolves. If I go back and read my first blogs ( and I’ve only been blogging since last May) they’ve changed quite a bit. Tho ‘My Chaotic Life’ would probably cover most of the posts. Hey – now I have another great blog to follow!!! Excellent.

  2. I like the honesty of your blog. I too do not have a certain theme in mind, when writing. At the moment I am just posting ‘small stones’: a writing challenge set up on Facebook. I also chart my experiences of being a writer in residence at a Primary school. I will follow your blog with great interest and look forward to reading your next post. Happy blogging!

  3. As a new blogger (since late October), I am with you all the way. The best bit is visiting the sites of other bloggers and finding out what they’re up to. There is not a 2CV to beat Carol’s, by the way, and on the surface she is, as they say in Leeds, ‘totally mental’, but the secret is in her hidden depths! Will follow your success, which means you don’t need good luck wishes!

  4. Just writing whatever springs into your head is best, I think. As long as you keep it clean that is 🙂 Good luck, I look forward to reading further posts

  5. Congratulations on joining the world of blogs! I just set one up here to compare… I might use it or I might not – think I am happy with the one I have – LOL (Better the devil you know and all that…) Good luck – look forward to reading your posts! Vanessa 🙂 xx

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